Genesis Mobile X-Ray is dedicated to not only provide service excellence, but even more important, when something goes wrong. When issues arise, that is the time we, as partners, need to work together to resolve them quickly and with accuracy. 

In an effort to streamline this process and make your life easier, you may fill out the simple SUPPORT REQUEST FORM below and we will fulfill the request in a timely manner. This form should be used when seeking support on a specific patient exam that has already been executed.


All other inquiries not related to a specific patient exam should be directed to:


Support Line: 855-436-XRAY (9729) and/or email:

*In the event we need to contact you regarding this important request, a member of our Support Department will contact you directly at the name, email and/or phone you provided in this form. If there are any other staff that we may contact in your absence, please share this in the "What are you requesting" section of the form. Please do your best to ensure that any staff who are to provide support to Genesis as we complete a support request, are current on all relevant information regarding the patient listed in this form and for who the request was submitted. Please ensure accuracy.

**Please allow an average of 24 - 48 hours to complete your request. We understand that requesting support inherently shares an underlying urgency. We will work diligently to keep this in mind.

***All the information in the form must be accurate in order to expedite your support request. Any inaccuracy in any field may cause delays in our ability to respond in a timely manner.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.